House of Horrors

Scream if you dare....

30 June 1975
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I'm a contradiction!

I'm plus size and loving it. I like my men and my women the same, with a little meat on them! Just like the saying goes.... something to grab hold of ;)

I'm a bitch but i'm a great friend to those i feel should get my goodies.

I'm very loving but i can be a cold hearted ice queen when i want to be... this is almost always.

I can be the weird kid in a sea of weird kids. Sometimes even i dont understand who i am or why i do things.

I am a total metal head :) This does not mean i dont like anything else, it means i am a total metal head ;) I'm not elitist in my taste. I hate it when others are, i've been looked down on enough in my past for not listening to the right thing or wearing the right stuff to not care. If it pleases me i'll like it. I love Xtina and Emperor, and i'm happy with that.

I am me, nothing else, no labels just good old fashioned Tishness. I may or may not be original but this does not matter for i do not care what you think ;) I'm happy and this is what matters.

If your really that interested ;)
Ask me personally :p

I have a naughty jesus obsession....

Oh and i like tequila ;)